SmartCalc - Scientific Calculator Plus For iPhone

Keep It Straight

All the functions you need

without having to flip your phone

Live To Forget

SmartCalc remembers

so you don't have to

Go Ahead, Copy

Unlike your classmates,

SmartCalc doesn't mind

Dinner’s On SmartCalc

Well, actually, dinner’s still on you,

but SmartCalc will calculate the tip

SmartCalc is the most beautiful, intuitive calculator available for iPhone. Finally, there's a calculator that lives up to modern smart-phone design.


• See the entire calculation as you type


• Quickly access your calculation history


• Swipe to backspace


• Access all the functions you need with just the tap of a button - no more flipping your phone back and forth


• Copy expressions, solutions, or both to use anywhere on your iPhone


• Round, floor, or ceil with just one button


• Easily switch between radian and degree mode


• Calculate tips quickly with the built-in tip calculator

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